Jury / Emirhan Altuner

Emirhan 1 Emirhan 2 Emirhan 3 Emirhan 4

Most of the critics were focused on the relationship between the Lunapark and its potentials on site, and the project itself. My proposal was found very poetical and fantastic on that site, and the jury mentioned that Lunapark could be the best location for this poetical process about forgetting and remembering issue. I selected this site because of the density of both islanders, tourists and of course carriages, and this comment was important about me, moreover we talked that if the project would think in a different location, maybe this poetical side wouldn’t evolve this arguments. However, the potentials of the square can’t used by me.

The discussion developed through the project as a second nature or the situation of existing or non-existing in a timeline. This is entirely a research about two layer of both nature and the human / human memory.

The “ritual” issue was critic, the drying and melting process of material “resin” wasn’t found enough for the conceptional base about forgetting. The jury mentioned that “game” topic can improve the proposal both architectonic and conceptional sides; game can rise the potential of project and the present proposal can’t work as i fictionalised.


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