jury/ gözde çelebi




Even though jury members were positive about the idea of “a beach on sea” they looked for more activities, which I don’t really agree.  Because I believe that ‘plage’ itself a place full of activities, even sun bathing is a fullfilled activity so I dont need to invent activity (actually I invent some already, but obviously it was not enough visible on board) but I have to organize space due to maximum level of fun and relaxing. I have to be more clear about my decisions from now on.

we didn’t talk about the structure, the life on beach nor the layout plan, and also floating structures around the piers.

Next time I have to be more consantraited and have to explain clearly the most important point of my project; “natural and artificial balance” .


One thought on “jury/ gözde çelebi

  1. You’ve mainly focused into expanding the beach-based activites’ modes, not attaching extra facilities, because of this your explanation to jury’s comments was quite logical.

    You’ve begun to search architectural language of your notional analysis. But these’re seems like to produce limited usage configuration with your current structure. Firstly you should categorize main beach-based activities’ modes (for instance sun-bathing: personal, common, private, with sunbed…), after this classification you can more effectively focus into distribution of relevant facilities’ spatial requirements (open, semi-open, protected, same level with sea or elevated…)

    And your proposal’s transformed activity pier also seems like only stand in sea plane. Meeting the natural-artificial duality motto, your spatial proposal more strongly combine land-sea use, negative-positive vertical usage…

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