Jury / Uğur Sarışen

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Jury Critics

.General interpretation towards the process of concept in terms of transpose-empathy relation

and in scale of island was positive and well-connected.

.The idea of giving total freedom to the horses wasn’t found very logical because of the

possibility not to be around the project area but being spreaded all around the island.

My Comment: Because I propose a new system about the horses after current bad conditions and pressure on them, I do not tend to propose a similar condition like feeding them or taking care, but with the appropriate landscape of architectural design detail, I may accept the idea of holding the horses together in the project area.


.The artificial part of the design like the bridge-kind of extension was interpreted as a component which is not suitable in case of the natural proposals in the design approach in order not to be natural.

My Comment:The project area does not allow people to create connections with the sea even it is next to it, so I thought these extension going up might be used to achieve a visual contact between the people and the sea. Apart from this bridge, the therapy area is proposed to be filled with soil to be the extension of natural topography, and the retain walls of this filling are proposed to be used as “product wall”, which means people can draw-paint-write anything they wish after the hard experience in the linear experiment forms.


.The linear experience structures and their hard conditions were found dangerous to the

human health.

My Comment: I am glad to hear this critic because it is what I am trying to do. Because the empathy between human-animal is not in the same frequance with human to human empathy, the feelings can be linked to empathy work. Thus, this linear form proposes very long journey with a dark route following the human and in the intersection points, the dark area will be enlarged again by people, this will make them feel worser so that they may create the empathy bridge with horses. “Being generic” by saying the design is expected to make people have empathy is not what I desire, I really want to make them feel the pain. But of course, in emergency, I will be considering the quick exit and return-to-nature system detail in the design.


.The linear experience structures were found as the places where there might be no one to use.

My Comment: I think that I may have a right not to have a mission to design a place for everyone.The experience forms serve to the people who want to experience this empathy. I also presume the “possible narrative future” of the structure, because it may be very frightening, there may be rumours about it and it may turn a useless place.But still, it is an existance staying there so it will make people face with the painful past of the horses.


.Apart from these, the system details and programming of the proposal were found strong in

case of ecologic and ecocentric relations, as well as the new human-animal contact.

Uğur Sarışen


One thought on “Jury / Uğur Sarışen

  1. In your general site plan’s renewed version; experimental axises, therapy-based facilities and activity areas seems like seperated from each other. You should more concentrate to combine them together in holistic spatial and scenario configuration.

    Building distribution of therapy zone also seems like segregated from each other. What’re the main functions of bigger and smaller scaled structures, and how can distributed like these?

    Facing and empathy based corridor’s requirement notion has been explained well by you. However, this encountering axises placed very monumentally in site. Maybe you can add some these kind of functioned lines into reaching way of activity area or theraphy zone to increase experiencing ways of animal conditions.

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