Jury / İpek Fetil

ModelModel pafta1kesit rota kolaj

Jury critics were generally about the route that I proposed and spatialization of the nodes.

.// The relation between transpose, memory and transferring the cultures is founded very strong and well-thought-out.
.// Comments on the proposed route are in the direction of inadequacy. They said that maybe it should be a more strong suggestion in order to create more difference and experience.
    I’m glad to talk about this critic beacuse we already talked about it during project sessions, and an extra comment could be eye-opening. The project has specific nodes that spread out to the whole island and it aims to create an atmosphere like all island using like a museum and an experience area. If I design a route which is so specific or structured, it will create very sharp borders and be too determined. I think the concept and the island itself should be the most significant binder between the nodes. Of course, there are directive informations during the route and in the nodes. However, I do not want to create an atmosphere that arouses the feeling of ‘I should follow the route, now I have to turn from that street…’ etc. It is like breaking up the relation between proposal and the existing texture. Everyone should experience both of them together, in the way they wanted.
.// Nodes should be solved skillfully. Doors, walls, windows etc. could cause not to create the atmosphere I imagined, if they don’t design overemphasised. Perchance, the design will be ordinary, by contrast with the concept.
    After this warning, we talked about spatialization over my collages. According to the program, the structure and the material choices are shaped. There are differences between the places that have stabil programs like private parts of the accomodation, some study and service areas, and the places that have much more active and changeable programs like activity areas, exhibition parts and gathering places. Stabil programs have more firm materials, like reinforced concrete or stone and they are located more isolated. On the other hand, the active programs should be able to the change and accessibility in order to encourage people to participate. Steel structure usage can be handy in these parts, because we can not talk about a regular program. therefore, the area should be change according to the activity that it will contain. These areas are connected to each others with semi-private parts that will be more private or more public from time to time according to the program.
İpek Fetil

One thought on “Jury / İpek Fetil

  1. I couldn’t understand well your proposal’s context and effect scale. Will your project contain restoration and re-functioning of some historic impressive buildings?

    You should firstly produce general formulation about animating the emotions and memories to architectural proposal. Moreover, you should also spread these spatial and scenario codes into strategical points and zones.

    Your additions’ architectural complexity and spatial variations can’t meet the your contextual and notional analysises’ potential in current state. Material and elementer world of your additions should represent theirselves more powerfully.

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