Jury / Hakan Yörük




*01* Criterias while placing the filmic spaces into the project site

Configuration of strips in Büyükada is my base point. However, I need it bigger and more explanatory.

*02* Diagrams of dual usage in the proposal

This is the missing part and I am already working on it.

*03* Specifying the user and the program

I haven’t decided on any specifications about users. It may be used by many, who are interested in or studying about Turkish cinema and more importantly working in film productions. Common point among these users is the fact that they are all temporal with different time spans. At this point, dwelling in duality serves as both residency and film studio for whom will stay temporary in the area.

*04* Materials of filmic spaces

They asked if I am going to use exact materials in films or not, because it seemed that I only use the form, that I obtained the data of by watching, not materials. I decided to utilize not only the form, but also some unique material choices, which make the space special and had made directors to shoot there.

*05* About visuals

Make collages of filmic spaces. It’s hard to check both screenshots and the model at the same time.

Make visuals bigger.

Draw a detailed plan instead of just marking.

In section elevations, trees and proposals are mashing up. Fix it.

Instead of plans, use 3d model to show layers: levels, vegetations, axises, filmic spaces, infill spaces, dual usage, materials, technical equipment etc.

*06* Context of the island

I need to adapt my scenario according to any possible visits by residents in Büyükada.

*07* Comment

Most of comments were about either our previous talks in the studio or visuals I have already planning to do.


One thought on “Jury / Hakan Yörük

  1. You’ve abundant material of analysis and projective stages of your proposal, but you should use and combine them more logically to express your intention in better way. Especially axonometrics and perspectives include more concentrated information to easily reading your proposal. For instance, your filmic and infill spaces, movie structures get together to enable holistic perception. Your exploded perspective also couldn’t explain well your interventions into filmic spaces (especially your suspended ceilings for movie production equipments)

    Sheltering and visiting modes of system from inhabitants and visitors should be planned to organize well your proposal’s circulation.

    I’m anxious about only one position of your proposal, danger of combination of filmic spaces that’s directly taken from movies and your infills. You should use your productive authority on filmic spaces also. For example when you’re analyzing the scenes from movies, you should give your concentration into general atmosphere of movie. Moreover you should transfrom and re-interpret some materials and space combinations with ‘How can combine materials and atmosphere, if the movie can shoot today.’ perspective.

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