Jury/ Ece Yetim

JURİ201042015a Juri200415b 20042015c

Jury Feedback:

*The codes of the analysis should satisfy the functionality of flocking behaviour; it should not be restricted with the form.

* Define the borders of the spaces and usage capacities, decide on the possibilities of changing spaces according to different circumstances.

*How cannot the dwellings (living spaces) be rigid and monolithic structures in order to maintain flocking system?




One thought on “Jury/ Ece Yetim

  1. Flock movement and fluidity feature that’re foundations of your notional structure. And you’ve also deeply and strongly associated with your analysises and research datas. These inputs should more sharply show themselves in structure’s material world such as housing modules shaping shell. Your proposed physical materiality seems like quite stable and rigid.

    These pre-works also enable to shape inhabitant distribution and usage configuration with more systhematic way. Your proposal’s main visualization technique seems to matris looking diagrams.

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