Jury / Başak Bilge Akçaoğlu

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Jury comments were mostly about the issues that I am also trying to solve.One comment was that i’m creating a theme focuses on experiences about cinema and artificial reality; but there is a weak relation between these parts. theme should be more holistic and the relations should be read better. Also jury asked to clarify the main functioning: entrance, toilets, etc.

The issue that is challenging for me is how the places that i think of; which comprehends the island through cinema, provides an environment for individual or public experiences get in contact with playground, market and restaurant ( places in lunapark’s current data). So, now i am working on how i can include playground to the theme. (cinema-lunapark-playground relation). Also a jury member stated that the lost ‘kır gazinosu’ culture can be returned. But, i don’t think the theme can contain this culture because sense of fun with gazing is very different from the fun with cinema theme.


One thought on “Jury / Başak Bilge Akçaoğlu

  1. Spatial, structural and scenario integration of playground and market place into cinematic-based build landscape is quite important focusing point of your proposal.

    Your cinematic functions are near to complete their own operational cycle, but observation tower and corridor seems like seperated from your proposal general intention. You should find better attachment and combination ways to life cycle. You can deal more deeper with recreation and entertainment notion. For example ‘kır gazinosu’ function can be integrate into system with its thematic fun places feature after public movie screens.

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