9 February, 2015

After short seminar titled ‘Non-programming and non-façade through ‘fun palace’ and ‘pompidiou’’, from Seda Gül, Msc. in Arch., whole studio members have explained their mainly expectation from given topic and concentration for designing practices with own ‘letter of intention’. Moreover, notional researches and keywords gathered around ‘transpose’ theme and topic-specific poetic/narrative architectural instances have been presented with visual and printed tools from studio members.

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12 February, 2015

Theoretical findings and presentations were expanded with ways of constructive [structural and technological] and programmatic [activities and scenarios]. In this stage, site-specific features, high-tech innovations, bioecological speculations and art-based theories also have joined into abstract background. After these concentrated studio-wide collective session, Nazmiye Rasimoğlu, Msc. in Arch., Res. Assist. have been pointed out about ‘Architecture as a topography of movement,’ master thesis.

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16 February, 2015

Workshop-attached Büyükada trip was occurred in whole day from studio members with personally prepared a Büyükada pamphlet included natural, architectural and spatial configurations and collective info cards presented public amenities and notable mansions and housings. Anadolu Kulübü within its modernist building/historical mansions and Büyükada Kültür Evi firstly have been visited with special permission; moreover, topographical trekking has been made for analyzing and discovering landscape and build environment of island. Critical cross-sectional sondages were divided into sub-working groups to densely analyzing with visual and paper-based medias. Impressive findings have been discussed and criticized in post-documentation process with logistic and spatial supports of Adalar Municipality.



23 February, 2015 

Critical cross-sectional sondages in Büyükada periphery has presented and collaborate discussed in Monday’s studio session. Superpos
e multiple visualization, photographic documentation, drawing based narrations were common applied techniques in section/plan/axonometric production process. Spatial and common-usage contradictions between winter and summer periods, nomadic and permanent cultural impacts on islanders living periods, build environmental and topographic notable relationships were pointed out topics in presentation.


26 February, 2015

Infocore/s: An Open Call Competition // A Video Kiosk @ Büyükada proposals were submitted before ‘competition special’ studio session. Jury members Alper Derinboğaz (salon), Boğaçhan Dündaralp (ddrlp), Deniz Koç Çeliker (Museum of the Prince Islands) and Meriç Öner (SALT) and Zeynep Aydemir (ITU) (with online contact) have joined to studio instructors in limited-to-5 minute presentations. 14 individual or group participant (13 from studio, 1 from out-of-studio) explained their proposals in general approach to theme and detailed explanation of program and structure aspects and questions-answers part was stuck into process to lightening confusions. Jury members collectively discussed whole proposals’ powerful and weak sides in their separately handling processes; moreover, criticized the participants within the theme of general evaluation that related with competition’s interests and future possibilities/potentials that rooted from main personal ideas. Finally after open-minding whole process, 5 equivalent mentioned project were chosen from the participants with eliminative voting of jury. Competition’s open exhibition also has prepared and launched in studio 3505 @ İTU Taşkışla.

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IMG_1299Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

2 March, 2015

Jury evaluation report and results have been launched via these blog page of studio. Infocore/s: An Open Call Competition // A Video Kiosk @ Büyükada, envisages distinctive post-competition process apart from conventional launched ones. Whole competitors have uploaded their separated proposals into blog system what’s totally open for interpretations and criticism from whoever want to add these. Thanks to contributions, projects will re-evaluate with collaborative approach and re-shape for improving the potentials that’ll expand interactive handling process in future studio-inside sessions. Open-minding evaluative presentation has begun with one by one projecting participants’ proposals into wall.

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5 March, 2015

Open-minding evaluative presentation has continued to cover studio session because of absent members what’s missed the previous one for arranging Lixil Foundation International Competition’s ITU step. In presentation, firstly participants criticized their own proposals from deficiencies and potentials, and after that collaborative discussion occurred to improving project’s basis.

9 March, 2015

Before the jury preparation, that was the last call for discussing approach to topic and its spatial and narrative outputs. Anthropological background and its reflections to current era, breaking the chain of authority and sub-cultural communities, converting the consumption society’s flow into more self-productive living setups, applying the lobotomy theme into architectural proposal to fertilize well-combined to island’s micro-atmospherically conditions, tracing historical and etymological hardly-seen pre-evidences to re-interpretation the leisure and joy notions, densely analyzing the conditions and modes of natural and artificial to produce cycled relation between them were summaries of mentioned discourses by studio members in session.

12 March, 2015

Proto-jury has organized to round up the primitive ideas within transpose title. Studio instructors and our guest member moderate these open-minding sections till completing the last member at 9 pm. Jury members evaluated the intellectual approaching tactics, rendering techniques to express the ideas in a best way, providing the balance between inner-thoughts and given theme, catching opportunities and overcoming threats in near future of studio praxis. Moreover, they have tried to produce guideline for each member to handle with these possible problematic subjects.

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16 March, 2015

After jury lecture’s pathfinder feedbacks, each member started to have personal speech with instructors again. transmutation of cold-war era’s underwater research technology system to current research-based and daily life integrated structures and apparatuses, gathering distinctive people layers within interactive experience sharing system, breaking the season-limited possibilities of island to establish continuous activity cycle, physical ambiguous structures that’s shaped by users’ mental impression and background, superposing different housing modes of island to discover the pioneer potentials of dwelling notion, proposing eco-based future scenarios and productive spatial configurations thanks to island’s microclimatic advantages, facing with former structural catalogue and creating juxtaposition living models, can be pointed out as the headlines of personal themes.

19 March, 2015

Personal evaluation sessions have continued in studio process. Sinem Serap Duran, PhD student in Arch., who’s a lecturer at Bilgi University and architectural filmmaker, also participated into discussions with her cinematographic way of looking and architecture based approach. Transferring current physical transportation data into establishing new pathways of housing community, networks between filmic reality vs. physical view and their spatial codes that’s sourced from their synergy, specific empathy between people and animals to cure mental problematic thoughts, benefits of technological apparatus for expanding free living space both for animals and people, dramatic transformations along one sided section due to the topographical configuration were studio members’ thematic approaches and thoughts within transpose and island contexts.

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23 March, 2015

In a project specified conversations session, expanding the integration-to-daily life potentials of semi-closed communal entertainment space organizations with feature similarities between Las Vegas system, diversifying the atmosphere integrated spatial production with using the physical model’s pathfinder, delightful combination of bigger scale agricultural cultivation and its gastronomic experiencing what’s superposed into cultural production potentials, fertilizing the unused semi-ruined buildings with contra functional and spatial injection topics has come to the table.

26 March, 2015

One-day-long 5W1H workshop what’s focused into answering what/where/why/when/who – how? titled questions of proposal with explanation of notional infrastructure and production in visualization techniques [2d drawings, cinematographic collages, 3d/axonometric narrations] was integrated into personal discussions. Interdisciplinary combination and interpenetrative process of projection with ‘skaz’like narrations, benefits of animation/filming tools, physical and mental combination of relative house conditions’ cognitive perceptions, debating with conventional museum and its instantaneous freezing notion with island’s ethnic background and Bataille’s slaughter house-museum dichotomy explanation, analyzer research of function-scale analogies worldwide and transfer holistic information as a founder factor were general discussion themes of  studio. After production stage of workshop, short-dense examination has occurred in exhibition format together for further visual presentation on Monday’s session.

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30 March, 2015

Superposing the modeled cinematographic space codes and implications what’re taken from building distribution strategies on slopped area flowing into shore line of island to fulfill imagined spatial network, reflecting the chronological contra positions of historically crucial building to write hybrid living scenario codes, benefits of betweenness on seaside-oriented activity setups, spatial arrengements and physical soul… Spatial productions and its representation via drawings, narrative collages, explanatory diagrams and other media tools were discussed with studio members over these early mentioned approach axises.

2 April, 2015

Transforming the daylight-based touristic and activity cycle into 24 hour-non-stopping changeable modes of common daily life and entertainment, dense analyzing and juxtaposition atmospheric, spatial/physical conditions as founder factor of flock-like positioned build environment, productive tension between the elementer improvements and holistic scaled narrative setups, technological benefits and protecting the primitive structuralism, cinematic structural fluxes on natural environment, contra positions between collecting for remembering in negative perforator structure and molding for forgetting in temporary shaped pathways are generalized notional discussion have occurred in studio atmosphere. Finally, members have divided into working groups to create dramatic-critical living sections what’ll bring together for Büyükada’s holistic pamphlet of sections.

6 April, 2015

Mail-way remote discussion over the written manifestal materials has applied to step-up architectural production quality and precision before today’s studio. Sinem Serap Duran, PhD student in Arch., who’s a lecturer at Bilgi University and architectural filmmaker, has joined studio session again to explain her filmic chronology through screening her competition, biennial, more professional[architectural project or music clips] short films and their contextual and situational background. Completed sectional sondages and personal focused proposal site plans have collected to attain holistic gaze and super-positional works network in island scale to expanding projections. Architectual response what’s getting out from these conceptual accumulations has mainly questioned in studio context.

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