Infocore/s: An Open Call Competition Jury Evaluations.

Zeynep Aydemir

DUO (02)
Duo by Atıl Aggündüz suggests a powerful vision via duality for Büyükada case that develops a
context in a larger scale. However, the promised dualities could be developed in a more
surprising way by bringing the discussion to the extremes in terms of material, location and
the architectural quest.
Splash associates with the concept of a videokiosk and local characteristics of Büyükada at
the same time. By doing so, the proposal by Emre Üngör suggests a new cultural and artistic
experience for the inhabitants and the visitors of the island. By encouraging bicycle ride,
Splash comments on future expectations of the island, as well. “Flip book”-like installation
with a plain constructive solution and stressed connection with water enhances the experience
of cycling. All in all, Splash is a well-developed, inspiring proposal.
Box Obscura suggests user interactions both in island scale and module scale. The proposal by
Buse Özçelik, Ipek Fetil, Ilayda Birgül and Ugur Sarısen presents a variety of content as
options as well as providing information. Besides, the architectural structure itself
represents an information, however it could be strengthen through the material way that it
deals with the scape and the constructive structure that it provides to the island’s topology.
Sea Above Sky Below approaches to theme with local elements and information. The proposal by
Ece Uzmay, Ece Yetim and Hakan Yörük associates with the element of water tentatively. Sea
Above Sky Below suggests an architectural experience that transforms our visual interaction
with the island in an exciting way however the experience could be supported by the aspects of
topographic elements in order to strengthen their comments with their installation.

MOON (08)
Moon deals with the experience provided by an encounter with a new place in a wider context of
island. The proposal by Basak Bilge Akcaoglu and Emirhan Altuner approaches the theme
videokiosk in an experimental and a stunning way. Moon’s poetic and imaginative position
comments on how we grab the information as well as indicating metropolitan values. However,
the proposal could be more powerful if it suggests a future expectation supported by a
material aspect at the same time with the poetic aspects.
Shuttle On Air suggests a popular hi-tech instruments to be used for the experience of
Büyükada. The proposal by Mete Cem Arabacı is interesting in embodying a technological
instrument to urban experience. However, taking a step further by including local elements
with closer observations in order to enhance the Drone experience would strengthen the claim
of the project.


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