Infocore/s: An Open Call Competition Proposal: Splash / Emre Üngör

Cyclists video tunnel in Büyükada

As a result of the non-motor vehicle transportation rule, the inhabitants and the visitors of Büyükada are frequently using bicycles. The main options for transportation are phaeton(works like a cab, not really cheap), walking(if it is walking distance) and bicycle(cheap, accesible, perfect for daily transportation and stroll around). The bike route of the island is an important attraction for the visitors. Most of the daily visitors rent a bicycle for an affordable price and ride whereever they want. “Splash” is a tunnel connected to the bike route and located on the sea. It contains more than 50 led screens which show videos made by willing directors or artists. The screens have a custom size, 45×160 cm, so the videos will made special for Splash. The screens will placed consecutively with an angle for a more comfortable visual angle. It works like a “flip book” but the moving elements are not the scenes, they are the cyclists. The bicycle road of Splash placed under 3-4 mm under the water level to decrease the speed of the cyclists and stabilise a common speed(1,5-2 m/s) which is necessary for following the scenes. Splash has a basic steel construction which supported with steel cables. To minimize the waves(sea) inside/over the bike road, the exterior covering of the system last nearly 1m under water level. It is not a perfect precaution but it will decrease the wave motion inside the volume.

pafta 1pafta 2


2 thoughts on “Infocore/s: An Open Call Competition Proposal: Splash / Emre Üngör

  1. Splash associates with the concept of a videokiosk and local characteristics of Büyükada at the same time. By doing so, the proposal by Emre Üngör suggests a new cultural and artistic experience for the inhabitants and the visitors of the island. By encouraging bicycle ride, Splash comments on future expectations of the island, as well. “Flip book”-like installation with a plain constructive solution and stressed connection with water enhances the experience of cycling. All in all, Splash is a well-developed, inspiring proposal.

    Zeynep Aydemir / Jury Member.

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