Infocore/s: An Open Call Competition Proposal: ShuttleOnAir / Mete Cem Arabacı

Buyukada has hi-tech and casual tradition for a long time. Imagine a child growing in this island. He/she would used to live with these drones, use these machines as own eyes. This child can be everywhere at the same time. Before going to play with friends, he/she could look where they are. May be even only watching them is enough for this child. ShuttleOnAir connects the dimensions of Buyukada such as time, space, motion. It is avaliable to jump to another coordinate of any dimension. The form of the island is kind of advantage for this system. Drones are flying through the coastline and transfer the images in real-time. Inhabitants of Buyukada can follow what drones saw by their televisions in their houses or mini hologramic projections on the street. On the other hand, there is a main broadcasting for the out of boundary. Sailboats or swimmers can watch the screen. Also, this center  has charger slots for drones by gaining energy from photovoltaic panels.



2 thoughts on “Infocore/s: An Open Call Competition Proposal: ShuttleOnAir / Mete Cem Arabacı

  1. Shuttle On Air suggests a popular hi-tech instruments to be used for the experience of Büyükada. The proposal by Mete Cem Arabacı is interesting in embodying a technological instrument to urban experience. However, taking a step further by including local elements with closer observations in order to enhance the Drone experience would strengthen the claim of the project.

    Zeynep Aydemir / Jury Member.

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