Infocore/s: An Open Call Competition Proposal: Moon / Başak Bilge Akçaoğlu – Emirhan Altuner

The island has a different timeline for non-islanders because of its unique experimental conditions; and possibility of walking the whole island is very important for this content. While the non-islander walking through the routes, he / she can notice the different reality of this piece of land. If the visitors leave from the island at the evening, a reality shifting can occur for them.

So, can we both increase and decrease this confusion at the same time with a man-made intervention?

A replica of the moon that is a natural element of reference to the time loop can change the perception of the reality of island, but at the same time, an information series onto this artificial moon can equalize the confusion. The collectors which are located on different sides of the island save the visual and audial materials of the complicated island content, and then the artificial moon project these data as a video or just a voice. Because of the projection infos, the problems about the reality changes can be removed for visitors. At night, the replica brights as a real moon and doesn’t project anything, but for the islanders this situation is not a problem because of their experience on it.

The moon presents a new timeline for island’s multi-time process and offers enjoyable view for people.


3 thoughts on “Infocore/s: An Open Call Competition Proposal: Moon / Başak Bilge Akçaoğlu – Emirhan Altuner

  1. Moon deals with the experience provided by an encounter with a new place in a wider context of island. The proposal by Basak Bilge Akcaoglu and Emirhan Altuner approaches the theme videokiosk in an experimental and a stunning way. Moon’s poetic and imaginative position comments on how we grab the information as well as indicating metropolitan values. However, the proposal could be more powerful if it suggests a future expectation supported by a material aspect at the same time with the poetic aspects.

    Zeynep Aydemir / Jury Member.

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