Infocore/s: An Open Call Competition Proposal: Lightpavilion / Julian Laenge

INFOCORE/S – A video kiosk for Büyükada

“The museum should in the first place be a place for the public.” – Chris Dercon (Tate Modern)
An exhibtion space is usually seen as a place to reveal artistic works to the public. The Lightpavilion aims to
turn this around and make the relationship between human and environment to the centre of the exhibition.


The site of the Lightpavilion is strongly effected by its relationship to the surrounding nature.
Located in a glade in the middle of the Büyükada forests the pavilion seamlessly fits into the surrounding
environment. However it is connected both to the closeby Adalar Müzesi as well as the central junction in
order to be well conected to the Adalar city center.


The main idea of the Lightpavilion is the transposition of the natural play of light into a technological video
installation. Therefore, the pavilion consists of two different layers, one of which is a gabion construction
creating natural lightplays whereas the other is a concrete core in which the video installations take place.
The video installtions are supposed to deal with humans, e.g. a time displaced recording of the viewers
Hence, the architecture deals with the relationships between counterparts as “light” and “dark”, “nature” and
“technology” and “human” and “space”, slowly transforming the space on the spiral way from the entrance to
the concrete core.



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