Infocore/s: An Open Call Competition Proposal: Duo- / Atıl Aggündüz

Duo –

1. Music. duet.
2. two persons commonly associated with each other; couple.
3. two animals or objects of the same sort; two things ordinarily placed or found together; a pair:
“a duo of lovebirds.”

1. a combining form meaning “two,” used in the formation of compound words:

A bookmark that reference past to present and planned into the future.
Duo-, consisting of dilemmas in Büyükada; combines all the differences as the local and foreing, public and private, Greek and Turkish, sea and land, the crowd of the summer and the solitude of the winter, distance and proximity from Istanbul, natural and artifical, improvisational and intervention, and holds together in an aesthetic body which located in the intersection of dilemmas.
It protects these dilemmas which continue from the history to the present date by using the tightly hugging of improvisation/light looking wooden structure and the artifical/perfect concrete circle.
“Being isolated” term which is specific for Büyükada that is used as place of exile in the historical period, is occurs by the feeling of being inside and outside as a result of entering into the circle to get informations from the video screen.
Duo- is neither open | nor closed.
Duo- is neither isolated | nor intertwined.
Duo- is as new as concrete and as old as wood.
Duo- is as high as 2 hills in the island and as low as the island beaches.
Duo- is delicate and imposing as the Prinkipo Greek Orthodox Orphanage.

Duo- is is formed by the merger of contrasts.
Comes from local, looks to the future.


Pafta 1 RGBPafta 2 RGB



2 thoughts on “Infocore/s: An Open Call Competition Proposal: Duo- / Atıl Aggündüz

  1. Duo by Atıl Aggündüz suggests a powerful vision via duality for Büyükada case that develops a context in a larger scale. However, the promised dualities could be developed in a more surprising way by bringing the discussion to the extremes in terms of material, location and the architectural quest.

    Zeynep Aydemir / Jury Member.

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