Infocore/s: An Open Call Competition Proposal: box[OBSCURA] / Buse Özçelik – İlayda Birgül – İpek Fetil – Uğur Sarışen

Büyükada is a district of İstanbul which has very powerful connections with history and nature. The first observation about the island is the preserved characteristic that is a combination of various elements. The island holds its potential, strength, opportunities and weaknesses together and offers diverse experiences. When a simple explanation is defined, the island consists of different layers and provides different possibilities. The idea of the project depends on these statements. If we examine the island, we simply say that Büyükada has its own layers. Therefore, emphasizing and eliminating the existing conditions could be happen with working on them. Adding or removing some layers or editing the features of the current situation can create numbers of possibilities. People can switch between these parallel existings and experience the possible/impossible conditions which are created by the proposal project. The project allows an artificial reality that is based on the participants’ perspectives. “Video” is determined as the best way to achieve these goals, which provides much more powerful connection with users and enables to understand created realities perfectly. However, the key point is that in this point, we are not talking about recorded images. Slices of life which belong to different locations and times are used as videos. Participants observe the reality, examine the existing conditions and then make a change. A special technological program enables to reflect participants’ thoughts, solutions and dreams to the screen and share their own reality with others. The idea of “Camera Obscura” is the main inspiration point for the project. In a black box, user only focuses to a determined point and experience the reality in the box again. Except a pinhole, there is a technological screen and infinite possibilities in the proposal project.

*obscura; (latin), dark.

infocore_1 infocore_2



2 thoughts on “Infocore/s: An Open Call Competition Proposal: box[OBSCURA] / Buse Özçelik – İlayda Birgül – İpek Fetil – Uğur Sarışen

  1. Box Obscura suggests user interactions both in island scale and module scale. The proposal by Buse Özçelik, Ipek Fetil, Ilayda Birgül and Ugur Sarısen presents a variety of content as options as well as providing information. Besides, the architectural structure itself represents an information, however it could be strengthen through the material way that it deals with the scape and the constructive structure that it provides to the island’s topology.

    Zeynep Aydemir / Jury Member.

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